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Welcome to my candidate blog!

From the moment I decided to run, I knew that I wanted a blog section on the website. You see, I'm a social studies teacher, and I've always found the political process fascinating, so I am excited at that prospect of writing blogs from that perspective. This space will evolve throughout the year and will include pictures, videos, and posts on everything from my thoughts on certain issues to insights into the political process.

For my first entry, I'm going to share a quick thought that I've previously posted on my Facebook page. I think this post will give you some insight into my thinking as I begin my campaign for State Representative. I'm a positive person, but sometimes I look around at our current political climate and the frustration comes to the surface. Thanks for reading, and please feel free to comment or reach out with your thoughts. Post is below.



From @ChrisStanleyforStateRepresentative Facebook Post, February 4th, 10:55am.

There's a post going around quoting the great Frederick Douglass as saying, "It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men." While there is no direct written evidence to suggest that he did, in fact, say this, I can't help but to be taken with the quote itself. It cuts to the heart of what I believe—that proactive planning for our future, as opposed to being a reactionary, is the best way forward. Spending priorities on education, healthcare, infrastructure, and local government programs, to name a few, are not simply ways to spend money—they are INVESTMENTS that ALL of us will see a return on if seen through properly.

We look around and see crumbling infrastructure, an education system in disarray, skyrocketing insurance premiums that barely cut into the overall out-of-pocket costs, local governments forced to cut police and fire coverage, and no clear plan to address these issues within the walls of the Statehouse. Why? Because we would rather invest in making corporations richer and in ideological battles, such as the absurd idea that implanting an embryo from an ectopic pregnancy into the uterus—a procedure that doesn't even exist—should be the focus of Ohio state policy.

We've invested in the wrong portfolio. It's time to change the investment managers

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