• Chris Stanley

This Week's Events


The events that took place at the Capitol this week were appalling. However, I am not surprised. The toxic, unfounded and manipulative rhetoric to which we have been exposed was designed to push things to the breaking point. This has been obvious, and we saw it live on National T.V.

While sitting, trying to discuss the course of events with my children, I came to a lot of conclusions. The obvious one is that Donald Trump and his entourage inspired a riotous, violent and vile demonstration. This could have been a peaceful protest - but again, I am not surprised.

The more challenging thing to come terms with, is that we cannot be complacent and ignore those who have enabled, pandered to, and have willingly and happily tolerated the actions and attitudes of Donald Trump and his supporters.

Representative Al Cutrona is one of those individuals.

Time and time again, Representative Cutrona has supported the actions and insights of the President. And even after the events that transpired this week, he has doubled down, still pledging his support.

I am forced to believe that this act of support spawns from self-interest. This further demonstrates that Representative Cutrona is serving the agenda of those who bought him the seat he sits in.

Below are some images of his Pro-Trump rallies from the summer of 2020.

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