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The Gifts of Corruption

It's the Holiday Season and as it happens, campaign finance reports are also now public record. Throughout this year I had grave concerns that my opponent, Al Cutrona, was getting wrapped up in the culture of corruption that is pervasive in the GOP led statehouse. This angered him a great deal— not because it wasn't true, but because he presented himself as a "fighter of corruption" which is as hilarious as it is blatantly false. Cutrona received gifts from many corrupt players in Columbus, didn't vote out the most corrupt politician in our history, and it's now painfully clear as to why: the Republican Party bought this seat, and in return, they expect Cutrona to fall in line with their extremist, ideological agenda. On that front, mission accomplished. Let's take a look at the hundreds of thousands in gifts that Cutrona received and just WHO exactly was donating!

Along with $239,150.41 worth of inkind contributions from the Republican Party which took control of the proceeds from Larry Householder’s corrupt bribery scheme, Al Cutrona took tens of thousand of dollars from a rogue’s gallery of GOP House members implicated in the FE scandal and extremists who are putting our health and the state’s economy at risk by undermining the ability of health care professionals to manage the pandemic. Here’s a look at Al’s unsavory contributors:

Jim Butler, Dayton, $3,000. Was Larry Householder’s second in command, is a prominent member of the anti-vax movement, and supported legislation that would restrict the governor’s and the Ohio Department of Health’s ability to keep our families safe. He refused to demand Householder’s resignation after Dirty Larry was indicted and did not vote to expel him from the House.

Anthony DeVitis, Green Twp., Summit County, $3,500. DeVitis has been in First Energy’s pocket throughout his career. According to public records, he accepted $34,915.51 from FirstEnergy PAC and $5,000 from Dirty Larry Householder. DeVitis voted to make Householder speaker, was a member of his leadership team, and cosponsored HB 6, the billion-dollar FE bailout. He refused to demand Householder’s resignation after Dirty Larry was indicted and did not vote to expel him from the House.

Jay Edwards, Athens, $13,292.35. Edwards was a member of Householder’s leadership team and contributed $200,000 to the disgraced speaker’s leadership PAC. He has been identified at “State Representative 8” in Dirty Larry’s federal indictment on bribery and racketeering charges, and has accepted huge contributions from First Energy. Like Butler and DeVitis he did not call on Householder to resign or vote to expel him from the General Assembly.

Bill Seitz, Cincinnati, $13,000. Seitz was a member of Team Householder and is opposed to repealing HB 6—not surprising given how much FE money he has pocketed. In the past he has been involved in a sexual harassment scandal that was buried by House leadership. He has been a constant opponent of organized labor and severe critic of Dr. Amy Acton and the ODH. He refused to demand Householder’s resignation and will not vote to expel the corrupt former speaker.

Don Jones, Freeport, $10,000. Jones was a member of Team Householder, the plot funded by bribes from FE that made Dirty Larry speaker. Jones took $20,000 from Householder, but his connection to the scandal doesn’t end there. He also paid more than $32,000 to JPL & Associates, the consulting firm owned by Jeffrey Longstreth who was indicted along with Dirty Larry. Here’s shocking news: he cosponsored HB 6.

Shane Wilkin, Highland County, $5,000. Wilkin’s campaign for the House was engineered by Team Householder which handed him more than $10,000 for his 2018 GOP primary. He also received $13,000 from FE. Wilkins and Jamie Callender of Lake County were the main sponsors of HB 6. Like Cutrona and other extremists in the House, Wilkin cosponsored and voted for legislation which puts our families at risk by limiting the ability of health professionals to manage the pandemic.

Cindy Abrams, Harrison, $5,000. Abrams is the extremist cosponsor of HB 784 which is a direct attack on the First Amendment. She also led the effort to block Democratic election reforms and is the Vice Chair of the sham committee the Republicans created to deal with HB 6. Predictably, the Republicans who control the panel have done nothing to repeal the scandal-laden FE bailout. Abrams has also been a vocal critic of the governor’s and the ODH’s efforts to flatten the COVID-19 curve.

Below is a link to view his full list of contributors. Never forget that our officials are accountable to us, and we can't let Corrupt Cutrona feed us lies ever again.

cutrona contributions from GOP
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