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President Obama endorses my bid for the Ohio House...

It's not every day that you get word that President Barack Obama has endorsed your candidacy for State Representative! It's an incredible honor not only to be endorsed by President Obama, but to be on that list with so many other great candidates here in Ohio.

Join us, and let's make sure we flip this seat, break up the supermajority that has cultivated a culture of corruption that has disgraced our Statehouse, and get our government back to working for the interests of the PEOPLE, and not special interests or political bosses.

Here's the New York Times article about the endorsements:

Obama issues his first slate of 2020 endorsements.

Former President Barack Obama issued his first slate of 2020 endorsements on Monday, backing 118 candidates in 17 states with the aim of helping Democrats maintain their majority in the House, win back control of the Senate and flip key state legislative chambers ahead of the 2020 redistricting.

Mr. Obama, who remains one of the most popular and unifying figures in the Democratic Party, has taken on a growing profile in the 2020 campaign, aggressively raising money for his former vice president, Joseph R. Biden Jr., and delivering a sweeping call for changes to voting laws last week in a speech at the funeral of Representative John Lewis.

His new endorsements — including 52 for the House of Representatives and five for the Senate — come in key battlegrounds for control of Capitol Hill, according to a list provided to The Times’s Shane Goldmacher and posted on Medium. A second set of endorsements is planned for states whose primaries have yet to be held.

“Our country’s future hangs on this election,” Mr. Obama said in a statement.

Initially, he is backing Democratic challengers running for the Senate against Republican incumbents in five states: Colorado, Iowa, Maine, North Carolina and South Carolina.

Mr. Obama, whom the Republican Party found great success vilifying in down-ballot races during his presidency, is not so far endorsing Senate candidates in some more conservative states, including Montana, Kentucky, Georgia and Texas, where it is less clear his support would help statewide.

But he is endorsing a full 27 candidates in Texas, including 19 for the state House, where the Democrats need to win nine seats to take control of the lower chamber, giving the party a political foothold before districts are redrawn after the 2020 census.

That has been a top priority for Mr. Obama, who has consistently backed candidates whom the National Democratic Redistricting Committee, led by his former attorney general Eric H. Holder Jr., has labeled important to the redistricting process.

Mr. Obama’s endorsements include five candidates for the State Senate in Pennsylvania and nine for the State House; six for the State House in Ohio; and 10 for the State House in North Carolina and five for the State Senate. The only governor in Mr. Obama’s initial endorsement list is Roy Cooper of North Carolina, a top presidential battleground where Mr. Obama is also supporting three other statewide officials.

For the House, Mr. Obama is supporting an ideological range of new Democratic candidates and incumbents, including many who first won their seats in 2018, such as Representatives Katie Porter of California, Lauren Underwood of Illinois, Abby Finkenauer of Iowa, Mikie Sherrill of New Jersey, Antonio Delgado of New York and Abigail Spanberger of Virginia.

Among candidates seeking Republican-held seats, Mr. Obama is supporting Amy Kennedy in New Jersey, who is seeking to unseat Representative Jeff Van Drew, who flipped parties to become a Republican; Jackie Gordon of New York, who is vying to replace the retiring Representative Peter King; and Wendy Davis, the Texas Democrat who previously ran for governor and is running against Representative Chip Roy this year.

Mr. Obama also endorsed 10 alumni of his administration.

“I’m proud to endorse this diverse and hopeful collection of thoughtful, empathetic and highly qualified Democrats,” Mr. Obama said.

A presidential endorsement is coveted because it can help drive local news coverage and be featured in mailers, digital ads and fund-raising appeals.

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