• Chris Stanley

Post-Election Finance Report Thoughts


I've included a recent article from The Youngstown Vindicator regarding the campaign finance review of this year's race for the 59th district. I thought it important to share this article for several reasons as there are many key takeaways.

I am incredibly proud and honored by all that we were able to accomplish. We were outspent by a significant margin. It is clear that the Republican Party was eager to retain this seat, at any cost, and they threw all they had at it. We raised finances in an honest and transparent way—through endorsements, community leaders, and most importantly, through smaller in-kind and monetary donations that helped carry us through the campaign.

Our average contribution size was $45.52 from families that gave what they could to help support change.

I know we came up short, but I am proud to state that our campaign was not backed by dirty money from the Ohio Republican Party. We should all be proud and motivated by this news.

Read the Vindicator's article here.

Recently, Representative Cutrona has signed legislation supporting the Texas lawsuit against "election irregularities" and has been absent in the fight against COVID-19, despite his many campaign promises on this front. He needs to focus on the right priorities, and I urge everyone to hold Al Cutrona responsible to his promises and his duties. You can reach him at his office:

Phone (614) 466-6107


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